About Me

Videographer, visual content creator, ethical filmmaker and conscious marketer. I'm Troy, I have almost 10 years experience creating content for brands, charities and nonprofits as well as other brands looking to improve the world with a product/service they provide. The aim is to create the right content with you to reach the audience for you at an affordable rate. My goal is to make ethical and positive impact brands the go to business for the products we consistently consume. Content creation with the right people and brands is a big part of my way of making a positive contribution to the world. 

If you're interested contact me or check out my services. 


I create marketing content for brands to use on social media to reach new audiences, generates leads and showcase products to your target market. I film, edit and direct short and long form content, as well as portrait and product stills and marketing help. More on that here.


I've been creating content for over a decade, and videos for various charities for just just under 10 years. I've created content for poets, charities, ethical companies. I've developed and created campaign ideas, and created content to specifically work on social media.


UK based, but works worldwide,