#Young Queens

Campaign - #YoungQueens

The #Youngqueens campaign was created to kick in the new year with positive role models and a new focus lease of life for young women. The campaign, co-created with SheAspires blog managed to get 1,500 likes thus far and the video 700 views on social media (combination of Twitter and IGTV). The campaign had two parts. The role models would tell us there biggest achievement so, helping them realise how far they've come in themselves, and help explain to potential viewers what these women do. The other part was advice to their younger self. The aim was to repurpose this advice for teens, older women and even men interesting in watching, something relatable and to inspire them in there careers.

Working with a group of young women, we managed to create video and photography content to share across social media best reflecting the amazing group of women. Very uplifting content and right of brand for Sheaspires. 

My role

- Production

- Directing

- Photography

- Video editing

- Music sourcing

- Organising a team (Make-up artist and photography and videography assistance)

- Finding participants